You Are Strong - Variant Rainbow Foil Edition of 10

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  • Paper Size: 18" x 24" 
  • Paper Stock: Holographic Rainbow Foil
  • Six Color Screenprint
  • Signed in bottom right corner by Tara McPherson
  • Numbered in bottom left corner in edition of 10
  • All of Collectionzz profits going to Tara McPherson's choice of charity: Planned Parenthood

Named the crown princess of poster art by ELLE Magazine, Tara gives us a peek into the complexities of the human psyche through her otherworldly characters. She has created numerous art prints and gig posters for rock bands such as The Melvins, Beck, Modest Mouse, and Mastodon. Her array of art also includes a variety of toys with Kidrobot and DC Comics.

Tara's art was inspired by "Why Go" by Pearl Jam. "I was assigned the song 'Why Go' by Pearl Jam for my art print in this series with Collectionzz. After reading the lyrics I was taken with the character's strength in fighting the system and the status quo. I feel she is an icon of strength, and I wanted to illustrate her independent spirit. I see parallels with scratching letters into walls with tattooing words across your chest. There is this alternate universe hinted at through the heart shaped hole in her chest, creating a sort of portal to an alternate dimension, maybe where one's mind would go when trapped in an isolated place. I also chose Planned Parenthood as my charity because they fight the good fight for women's health and reproductive rights. The title is a reminder, a mantra, for women everywhere going through any rough spot that life throws at you... You are strong." - Tara McPherson

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