Pearl Jam 2014 Milton Keynes AP (Version A) by Brad Klausen

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There's lots of history with this poster based on the songs Chloe Dancer & Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone.

"the chloe/crown reference though is so much more then just referencing a song... when I was working on the MK design, she too is draped in cloth, but this time it's more of a bed sheet... and as I kept developing the design, it made me think of Fate from the Worcester [2013] poster and about how in Greek mythology, the gods would often come down to earth disguised as someone else to interact and influence the lives of the mortals... so I started thinking about how this was like Chloe in the MK poster... Fate had come down to earth and taken on the form of Chloe to influence the life of Andy... so while the worcester and mk posters are not supposed to be a set or a series, they share a theme...of the power of Fate in all of our lives... hence the same radial line pattern and the banding tattoos on Fates arms and Chloe's leg. Fate bound the guys in the band together... and banded us all to them and their music and all of us together... were all banded together...all one big "band"...that sorta thing...." - Brad Klausen

There's also two "variants" of the poster, the more desirable being Version A which has richer and more saturated colors.