Do The Evolution Mystery Box

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Here's your chance to own a piece of Pearl Jam and animation history!

Condition & Additional Notes: these items are sold exactly as received by Collectionzz from Epoch Ink Animation, and may include tape marks, wrinkles, pinholes and/or dents; as they were not intended to be preserved as pristine, and were working pieces of a production. 

  • The animation cells are generally in very good condition with no flaws and sharp colors. The backgrounds of cells are photocopied from the original painted backgrounds, as most were destroyed by fire, and were hand-matched to the cells by Joe Pearson, the co-producer. 
  • The photos of cells on Collectionzz are cropped to remove the excess portions of the background page, and there is additional paper not shown. This paper may be removed, at the purchaser's discretion, to fit in a frame.
  • Approximately 1/3 of storyboards use digital applications that were adhered to the paper, such as the planetary "fly-by" opening, amongst others. They are still original to the process of creating 'Do The Evolution'. 


  • Sketches- 13.5"x10.5" - 16"x10.5"
  • Cells (without background)- 12.5"x10.5"
  • Cell backgrounds- 17"x11"
  • Storyboards- 17"x11"

Return Policy: All sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges. If you have any questions at all, please email prior to your purchase.

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