'Our Immortal Nature' by Palehorse (Main Edition of 130)

'Our Immortal Nature' by Palehorse (Main Edition of 130)

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  • Paper Size: 18" x 24"
  • Paper Stock: Pop Tone Red Hot French Paper
  • Five Color Screenprint
  • Numbered in bottom left corner in edition of 130
  • Hand-signed in gold ink in right corner
  • Ships in 4-6 weeks
  • All of Collectionzz profits going to Palehorse's choice of charity: The Living/Dying Project

Chris Parks is the digital illustrator and fine artist known as Palehorse. Palehorse creates incredibly rich and detailed work, that draws influence from his roots, combined with an ongoing fascination for Southeast Asian and Latin cultures, cultivated by travel and a love of nature, esoteric art, mythology and spiritual practice. He has created gig posters for bands such as Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Primus and Puscifer.

This limited edition screen-print by Palehorse is a visual interpretation of the Black Sabbath song ‘War Pigs’. Inspired by Balinese mask carving, Thai Buddhism and Hindu symbolism, It acknowledges our current age of perpetual war and the underlying fear that is permeating much of humanity. This piece is meant to be hung in your home as a positive reminder that we can learn to remain courageous amidst the chaos. Through the practice of meditation, it is possible to gain the realization of our immortal nature beyond the physical body, conquering the fear of death and bringing light to where there was once only darkness. The Sanskrit mantra asks Lord Shiva to grant us liberation and recognition of this cosmic truth.

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