Behind the Poster: The Who, University of Leeds, February 14, 1970 (Print 2 of Set)

About the art:

We are offering two editions of this poster by the great Coby Schultz of Ames Bros; the Glow in the Dark Edition and Black Metallic Edition. Although the illustration is the same, the paper and ink for each are different, making them unique! Each is 18"x24" and have the Collectionzz holographic authenticity sticker on the back of the print.

Glow in the Dark Edition

  • Price: $75.00
  • Edition Size: 165
  • Paper: Cougar Smooth Opague 100lb Cover
  • 3 color screen print with glow in the dark inks
  • Markings: Signed and Numbered out of 165

Black Metallic Edition

  • Price: $125.00
  • Edition Size: 75
  • Paper: Metallic Black Ore 105lb Cover
  • 4 color screen print 
  • Markings: Signed and Numbered out of 75

Chase Variant:

All orders have the chance to land extremely rare Chase Variant, in addition to their order:

  • Lava Foil Edition of 10 (5 will be released into the wild!) 

About Live at Leeds:

When you think about the most important rock bands in history, The Who is undoubtedly in the conversation for many different reasons. One of those reasons is their incredible live performances - which they are still doing to this day. 

Take a trip in the Iconic by Collectionzz time machine all the way back to 1970. The Who were looking for a way to follow up their 1969 album Tommy. They had recorded several shows for a live album on tours supporting Tommy in the United States, but didn't like the sound on any of the recordings. The Who decided to book two shows in early 1970 (on Valentines Day weekend) to record the live album. The first show at University of Leeds on February 14, 1970 was planned to be the warm up show; and the second show at City Hall in Hull on February 15, 1970 was planned to be the record. The recording equipment was rolling for both shows though, just in case.

According to The Who's sound engineer, John Entwistle's bass was not recorded for the first few tracks at Hull, and Pete Townshend didn't even listen to the whole recording once he realized that. It didn't matter though, they had made history the night before at the University of Leeds in front of 2,000 ravenous fans. Pete Townshend called it “the greatest audience we’ve ever played to.” 

The Who released part of concert at University of Leeds on February 14, 1970 as their now legendary live album “Live at Leeds.” It was the only live album that was released while the group were still actively recording and performing with their best known line-up of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon.


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